Corsair finally listens, ditches tramp-stamp logo

I can’t help but speculate if this is Corsair’s idea of a ‘social experiment’, though there were products released with the infamous tramp-stamp/hearty-tribal art logo. Previously, it was pointed out that Corsair’s new ‘Corsair Gaming‘ tribal art (eventually nicknamed as tramp-stamp) logo was look down upon, and created a rage among the enthusiasts, gamers and fans.


Corsair tried to pull its attention towards K70 RGB keyboard, but a lot of them started hating the new logo. This went as a debate in many forums, and even Reddit. Few Corsair employees even addressed the issue about the new logo, expressing his surprise over the change. Another one said the same, though later he said that his own friend’s started to express the hatred towards the ‘Corsair Gaming’ logo.

The pressure kept on building up, so did the comments that suggests people will stop buying Corsair products because of the logo now that other brands have competitive, even better products. Finally, the team responded and bowed to the pressure:

We hear You.

As many of you know we launched our new Corsair Gaming line of peripherals this week. We’ve received a ton of feedback on the products and new logo. We are amazed and humbled by the passion our customers have for the original Corsair sails logo. The ship + sails are here to stay and will continue to be used on all Corsair PC component products.

However, we know many of you prefer the classic logo on our keyboards, and you’ve made your voices heard. For those of you looking for the new K70 RGB with the original sails logo, it’s currently available in North America from Newegg – just look for the SKU CH-9000063-NA. What’s more, as a direct result of your feedback, we will continue to sell and manufacture the Vengeance K70 and Vengeance K70 RGB with Cherry MX Red switches, with the sails logo, via select retailers and

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