Prithvi Raj dupes media with a fake social media website

A 15-Year-old Prithvi Raj Amin claimed to develop Social Networking Site “Youflix” used nothing more than PHPfox and “Y” logo ‘inspired’ from Yahoo’s logo.

With the whole social networking boom in the past few years, some of us have wanted to, well have our own social networking sites. And now we can. Its just as easy as installing software and even a 15-year-old can do it. In fact, one such teen already did and then he had a press conference to prove it.

All he did was to take the website template from the site phpfox, hosted it on a free server (google’d for one no doubt) installed the script and landed up with a zero-effort social network just like that. Then he most likely spent money to arrange a press conference to introduce himself as the founder and owner of the network. Now the problem is that not only did he do absolutely no work himself (besides the script install and a bit of googling) and then held a conference regarding the same, he completely forgot to mention all the help he received from the website. All he wanted was fame (and money I assume), but we all know that copying things doesn’t get you all that. On an ending note, I think ill quote NikhilShame shame puppy shame !!”

It also needs to be highlighted that terms of the so-called Social Networking Website have no terms and Condition at the point of writing this article- and the “Y” logo was obviously ripped from Yahoo’s “Y!” logo- as clearly put up by Mangalore city’s facebook group.

[quote]Yesterday I was amazed yet very happy to see that a 10-grade student from Mangalore put in efforts to make a social networking site. As the boy’s party had announced the same in a Press Conference held in Mangalore Press Club and the same news was carried out by many Major Web Portals of  Mangalore the same evening.[/quote]

Source: Nikhil Pai Blogs

Edit (From Roshan): What’s more surprising (well- not really) that media entities- especially the well-known ones- who have covered the event didn’t do their research. It simply makes a bad impression that anyone from some media bodies will put up anything a “news” as long as one holds a press conference. Its sad that journalism has died because some people don’t want to research properly. Was it not really possible for a reporter to get a second opinion from those who are in this profession of website building- like how Nikhil Pai put it up!

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  1. Dear sir
    phpfox is fake site
    phpfox taking money from people then shutdown site and lot of bugs and vulgerity in phpfox this site shut down or not opening properly lot of bug will occur very soon
    youflik also fake both have stunt earn money

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