3 more game developers to adopt AMD Mantle API

When AMD talked about Mantle API, only EA DICE was the only developer who announced that they will be using it in Frostbite 3 engine based game ‘Battlefield 4’. But looking at the API works, it was just a matter of time game developers would join in and adopt it.
And that’s what happened.

As of now, Enix Eidos-Montreal, Cloud Imperium Games and Oxide games have partnered with AMD. Enix Studios will be using AMD Mantle on number of their upcoming title, including Thief 4 which is set for release in February 2014.

The studio behind the upcoming crowd funded game ‘Star Citizen’ by Cloud Imperium Games also partnered for the same reason, whereas Oxide Games will be optimizing their upcoming 64-bit multi-platform multi-core game engine ‘Nitrous’ for AMD Mantle.


There isn’t any word from other game developers- or if they will be adopting it. AMD on the other hand assures that they will be signing up more developers as they show interest.

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