DT 109, SanDisk Cruzer Blade, DT Mini 8GB

8GB USB 2.0 Drives Standoff: Kingston DT109, DT Micro and SanDisk Cruzer Blade

  1. Introduction
  2. Test Bench and Methodology
  3. ATTO Benchmark
  4. Transfer Tests
  5. Conclusion

Few people have asked me about how good are those cheap 8GB USB 2.0 drives. There are those who would not spend a good amount of money on a flash drive for some small file transfer but they want to know which one is good. Let’s see which snails go quicker (or a rabbit).

Kingston sent DT109 8GB and DT Micro 8GB USB 2.0 drives. I got the SanDisk Cruzer Blade 8GB USB 2.0 drive from some conference in a retail pack. Its a norm that a lot of PRs and companies give journalists, reviewers, bloggers…. and tv people flash drives which contain press pictures and releases of the product they release in press conferences- but this didn’t come with any of that at all. It doesn’t matter. This is a quick comparison to see which has an advantage over each other.





It gives me great pleasure to mention this every time I put up a review. Thanks to the hardware support by Asus, Gigabyte, Kingston, Western Digital and Coolermaster who give me hardware support by updating my test rig no strings attached. It helps me to test their and other manufacturer’s hardware in a proper way. Thumbs up to these guys!

The following hardware is provided by the followed manufacturers:

  • Gigabyte India for providing Gigabyte 890GPA UD3H Rev 1.0 motherboard
  • Asus India for providing Asus 990FX Sabertooth motherboard
  • Kingston Taiwan for providing hardware support with memory kits and SSD drive.
  • WD India for providing WD 300GB HLFS Velociraptor Hard Drive.
  • Coolermaster India for providing Coolermaster GX450 RS-450-ACAA-D3 Power Supply
Test Setup for:WD Red 3.0TB SATA III Drive (WD30EFRZX)
Motherboard+ ProcessorGigabyte 890GPAUD3H Rev 1.0+ AMD 965BE
MemoryKingston KHX1600C9D3P1K28G HyperX Genesis 8GB 1600MHz DDRIII
Primary OS driveWD 3000HLFS Velociraptor 300GB/WD 320GB BLUE 320AAJS
Power SupplyCorsair TX750
ChassisCorsair C-70
OSWindows 7 Ultimate 64Bit SP1

The Benchmarks that I am using are as follows:

ATTO Test File Size= 0.5 to 8MB- Read and Write Pass 3

Transfer Tests: 1.34GB Assorted Photos transfer Test 1.27GB and Compressed Data File Transfer Test

CrystalDisk Benchmark with Pass 3, each with 5 re-runs 1000MB File Size




Cruzer blade has a bit better read speeds on larger file size transfer per second.


But Cruzer blade isn’t half as close to Kingston DT109 8GB. DT109 8GB is more balanced in the read and Write Speed.

Now to know the actual Transfer potential



DT109 is simply much quicker compared to DTMini and Cruzer blade- period.


They cost pretty between Rs. 200- 300, Both the drives from Kingston come with 5 year warranty period but for some reason, HomeShop18 says it comes with an only 1-year warranty. Even SanDisk Cruzer blade comes with 5 year warranty period. But still, if you want to grab one such drive and don’t mind waiting for minutes to transfer data when you can do the same job within seconds via USB 3.0 but at a bit higher cost, DT109 takes the lead out of these drives I’ve compared in previous pages.

Make sure you get a bill for it because such drives are available easily anywhere- even some stationary store. Maybe they sell it without knowing- or they do know it- but there’s a HUGE heap of duplicates. No1 really sells lesser sized duplicates- you’ll get a lot of those 16-32gig USB 2.0 for the same/lesser than what 8gig USB 2.0 costs. You will get a bill. You have to get a bill. Chances are you might just throw these away if they get spoilt or don’t work or if it outlasts its usefulness.

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