Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 980 36

Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 980 Graphic Card

SKU: GV-N980G1 Gaming-4GD

With the launch of the G1 brand of gaming motherboards in 2010, GIGABYTE set out to define what it means to be a PC gamer and we made it our mission to create a line of motherboards and graphics cards that focused solely on the features that matter most to gamers. Whatever the game, whether playing First Person Shooters or Real-Time Strategies, GIGABYTE G1 motherboards and graphics cards deliver top-notch features that can give gamers the winning edge and deliver a much more realistic and immersive gaming environment than even the latest game consoles.


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ChipsetGeForce GTX 980
Core ClockBase / Boost clock:1228 /1329 MHz
Process Technology28 nm
Memory Clock7Gbps
Memory Size4 GB
Memory Bus256 bit
Memory TypeGDDR5
Card BusPCI-E 3.0
Digital max resolution4096 X 2160
Analog max resolution2048 x 1536
I/ODual-link DVI-I / DVI-D / DisplayPort*3 / HDMI*1
Card sizeL=312mm, W=129mm, H=43mm
Power requirement600W(with two 8-pin external power connectors)


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From Hardware BBQ:

[box type=”shadow” ]Gigabyte has made some significant changes in the GPU, one of them is the entire cooling system and even more overclocking headroom for those who want to get more performance manually. At 37 degrees closed case ambient temperatures with 52% fan speed, the temperatures barely cross 56 degrees celsius. But it’s strange to see Gigabyte did not bump the memory clock speed at the same time, considering the price for this card.[/box]


From Modders Inc.:

[box type=”shadow” ]Make no mistake about it, the Gigabyte GTX 980 G1 Gaming card is a beast. The GTX 980 G1 Gaming uses the same Windforce 3X cooler that the Gigabyte Titan-Z does and that should provide even more room for higher overclocks. Even with my limited overclocking session, I was able to go above 1500 MHz and push the memory to 8000 MHz. With a little more time and perhaps some voltage tweaks the card could be squeezed for a little more performance. [/box]


From Tech Powerup!:

[box type=”shadow” ]What is truly unique on the Gigabyte card, though, is the monitor output configuration. Gigabyte has crammed three DisplayPorts, two DVI ports, and an HDMI port onto their board, which is more than anyone else. Since the GTX 980 GPU can not support that many outputs at the same time, Gigabyte added a TMDS switch chip that automatically decides how to route these outputs. This could prove useful to gamers with exotic monitor output configurations, or as a means to simplify connectivity. I am not yet completely convinced it is worth the extra cost, though.[/box]


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