Raijintek LETO PRO RGB CPU Cooler

SKU: 0R100072 [0R10A00072]

RAIJINTEK LETO PRO series CPU cooler, with performing 12025 RGB PWM fan, is "Designed in Germany“, manufactured by several patents to reach advanced performance, high quality & workmanship. LETO PRO heatsink, a slim type 120mm cooler D:50mm & height 153mm, is very suitable for most chassis. 12025 performing RGB fan, Macula 12 RGB fan, is with Anti-vibration rubber pads on all corners, an O-type LED for visible colour & brightness uniformity, RGB or PWM Y-cable. LETO PRO series supports all modern CPU sockets. LETO PRO series brings you not only a cooler with outstanding performance and friendly installation but also is a spotlight of your system.


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