A day after Asus India’s announcement: Gigabyte bombards Z68 series boards

Gigabyte is trying really hard to claw in every price point/budget/specific needs as much as they can. If this doesn’t say it out loud, I don’t know what will.


Gigabyte bombards 11 Z68 motherboards and 4 more boards with mSATA that will be revealed soon.

Its extremely clear what Gigabyte’s sole reason for so many models is to make 3 out of 5 Z68 buyers as Gigabyte users. Whether all/most will be a best seller (irrespective how good/bad a board) or die trying is something we’ll have to wait for some months to come.

One of those most common quotes I’ve used is being said by a wise friend “Too many choices is as bad as too less choices!’. Obvious reason being that a consumer gets way too confused, even as a power user. On a personal note, I hope later rev versions with some significant differences won’t confuse buyers further (or make earlier Rev version owners regret their purchase decisions).

Gigabyte India did not reveal any prices yet if only certain models from these boards would be available, but when I asked Gigabyte about a certain board that an online Indian dealer put up on their site (specifically Z68-UD4-B3). They clearly mentioned that it will be available by next mid week. Prices are not revealed, but keep an eye out on either on our Twitter/Facebook page.

For those who want to read the Press Release can click here.

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  1. No video output(except ud3), no virtue support, gigabyte is taking us for a ride, no difference between p67 and Z68 for gb(ssd caching don't count), asus vpro board is much better.

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