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Founded on 18th December by Roshan Ashraf Shaikh, 2010 ‘officially’ and putting up community reviews in well known Indian tech forums for a long time. Hardware BBQ is a source for PC Tech Reviews, Guides and Recommendations covering a wide range of PC components: Memory, CPU, Motherboards, chassis and even Gaming peripherals & add-ons.

You need the facts before making a purchase, I’ll do my best to let you know if which is good and if possible, which is better! With this attitude of helping people as much as possible, Hardware BBQ reviews are appreciated by many, even at the times when the reviews were contributed to several Indian based technology forums. Hardware BBQ has always grown since it started. Hardware BBQ is the winner of Indiblogger’s IBAwards 2013 for ‘Hardware’ under ‘Technology’ category.

Hardware BBQ is not deemed as “the usual Indian PC H/W Tech Media” and that’s something I am proud of. I’ve always kept my doors open to many people and I’ve always maintained one important part that not many Indian writers/reviewers follow- 2-way communication with the manufacturers and the readers. You require to be in touch with me for anything, just use the feedback form.