Ethics Policy

There’s also a need to keep and maintain transparency between our respected readers, companies and PR agencies. Should any brand or PR agency feel that this is not what they had in mind about Hardware BBQ, they can choose whether or not to interact with us. Therefore, it goes without saying that the reviews that Hardware BBQ put up coming with no strings attached or any restrictions.


Ethics Policy

  • Hardware BBQ and its contributors from time to time get hardware support to be used in our test bench to enable us to write quality reviews for our readers, but neither the company who has donated the required hardware or its competitors should translate that gesture to try to control Hardware BBQ’s testing method and/or call us biased. If any manufacturers choose to that after giving the hardware support, the donated hardware will be given back to them, respectfully.
  • Hardware BBQ is against payola in the form of anything: freebies, money, exclusive content or access, etc.
  • Although most of the time Hardware BBQ’s advertisements are hosted by 3rd party ad companies, from time to time there maybe exclusive ads from certain manufacturers who wish to market their products to the relevant readers. However, we request the respected and interested manufacturer not to be under the impression that Hardware BBQ will compromise itself at the cost of their readers. There would be times that I may end up reviewing their respected hardware and like any hardware- anything can be good or bad. We will still maintain that quality content, irrespective of who is advertising where and for how long. Insisting or attempting to negotiate about it will be a futile attempt.
  • Please do note that Hardware BBQ has the right to inform its readers if a PR agency/brand tries to force itself on us for marketing/advertisement by misleading people in the form of review. All the evidence of such unethical code of conduct will be published with the relevant proof. Please do note that this is not an attempt to defame, rather to maintain transparency between the readers, companies and respected PR agencies.
  • Hardware BBQ does promote its contents to its readers via social media sites and newsletters, however we will not engage in viral marketing for the manufacturer/ product. We’re reviewers, not marketing.
  • Plagiarism will not be entertained, and the questioned contributor will be dismissed. Any complaints about this will be looked at seriously, and anyone suspecting of plagiarism can send the relevant details here.
  • While we are open to feedback from readers and companies where at times we make minor bloopers and gets corrected, any unreasonable arguments without a solid backing or logic in the real world will not be entertained.
  • In a case of a product defect, we will contact the company/PR agency and ask for a replacement, provided it’s the same rev version/model. But if the second one turns out bad, the review will be published based on the findings up to that point and the series of incident that lead to its failure with 2 identical hardware.
  • Once the product comes to Hardware BBQ, the review will be put up: irrespective of its pros and cons & ratings.
  • In case of hardware that use firmware eg. SSD, motherboard, graphic cards, etc we will either use the factory bios or the latest bios available on the website. In any condition, Hardware BBQ will not use any special bios or firmware under any condition whatsoever.
  • Distributors who send media samples on behalf of the manufacturer(s) will have to ask them to send an email to Hardware BBQ, confirming that they have sent the media samples via the authorized distributors.

By sending media samples to Hardware BBQ, you acknowledge these policies and therefore will comply with it.

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