ADATA HD 710 500GB USB 3.0 HDD Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging and Specification
  3. Test Bench and Testing Methodology
  4. AS SSD Benchmark
  5. 8 MB ATTO Test
  6. CrystalDisk Mark Benchmark
  7. HD Tune Pro Benchmark
  8. Transfer Tests
  9. Conclusion

Rugged drives are always appreciated by a lot of people for the obvious reason that they provide better casing and protecting the drive.

ADATA sent a DashDrive Durable HD 710 500GB, a rugged drive that is shockproof and waterproof. Shockproof external drives are appreciated. Waterproof- well- what are the odds of you dropping your drive in a puddle? Still, it’s good to have all of above just in case.

How does it stand performance wise?

  1. do these manufacturers usually stick to the same drive model? adata gets their model from somewhere else so its not certain if we will get the drive with the same model you’ve tested, yes? i am not sure how that works…

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