ADATA releases SX1000L Server Class, Slim Line SSDs

ADATA made some additions in their product lineup and updated their firmware in their existing SSD lineup since the past week.

Starting from today, ADATA has  SX1000L Server-Class SSDs out in the open. These come with Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 1,500,000 hours and companies advertises that these come with sequential read speed of 560MB/Sec and Sequential Write of 340 MB/sec, with IOPS of 73,000 and 45,000 Maximum on 4K Random read and write.

These use MLC NANDs but ADATA says these come with enhanced flash chip that helps to regulate performance, maintains latency and keeps higher endurance. It was support S.M.A.R.T. and comes with over-provisioning adjustment. ADATA is pitching this drives specifically for read-centric servers and for Video-on-demand servers- and comes with 5 years of warranty period.



As far as their consumer class SSDs goes, they introduced an SSD with 5mm thickness with a spacer much like how SanDisk Ultra Plus SSDs have right now.



ADATA didn’t throw in any numbers, so this is made keeping ultrabooks in mind.

As for the existing lineups with LSI SandForce controllers, ADATA released firmware 5.0.7a

    • Fixed a power management condition where the device failed to respond to COMWAKE, which might have resulted in the SSD not responding without being reset by the host
    • Fixed the normalized value calculation for SMART Attribute 9 (Power-On Hours)
    • Fixed a SATA error recovery sequence coming out of PS1
    • Fixed an issue during SMART self-test extended that could cause an unexpected read error
    • Fixed an issue that could have caused the read thresholds to be artificially low during read disturb operations
    • Fixed an issue that could have caused the drive to be unresponsive based on a flash program failure
    • Fixed a theoretically possible instance where an UECC on the flash media while processing unaligned write commands that cannot be corrected by the ECC engine and RAISETM causes invalid data to be returned.

The SSD Firmware Update 5.0.7a applies for SX910, SX900, SP900, SP800, S511, S510 or S396 series SSD, but it should be noted that the review that I’ve done was with the older VB1 Controller.

Tweaktown and HardOCP have for their hands on VB02 one and as far as testing with HardOCP goes, the TRIM didn’t work. Oddly enough, in my case the 5.02a worked. Suffice to say that SSD manufacturers should emphasize on Rev versions so that this way consumers know which one they’re buying.

To those who don’t know, SandForce SF 2281 VB2 is said to come with power saving features, assuming it is used with the latest drivers. HardOCP infact did a review on the SX900 128gig version about a month ago but that came with relabeled FLASH NAND. But it was reported that they did report a 10.9w power consumption on startup.

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  1. how will i know if the sx900 comes with VB02 Sandforce controller or not? there must be some identification unless adata really is dumb enough not to advertise the power saving feature on the newer Sandforce chipset rev….

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