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After selling 400K units, the Steam Controller is back to the drawing board

Valve believes that its Steam controllers could be improved and hence it’s working on a hard revision. This information came out from a GDC presentation which talked about the design, its hardware, wireless reception and more. What’s not talked about is the fate of those users amounting to 400,000 units.

During the presentation, it wasn’t clear whether the newer revision would include newer features on the controller. Though this may not appear to be a good news for early adopters, it’s likely that the newer steam controller may have one or few new functions to make it more usable for a wider range of PC games and gamers. For now, what’s confirmed is that the one which is currently being redeveloped would be rather about its ergonomic design- specifically its looks and its feel. Even though for now the Steam controller looks like a ‘niche’ product, 400k sold out is a good number.

As per observation, a lot of PC users are happy with an Xbox One controller- keeping aside the keyboard and mouse as a choice of weapon, of course. It will be interesting to see if a Valve can re-design the controller in a way it can suit most of the gameplay types on the PC.

GDC Steam Controller

Valve’s Pierre-Loup Griffais said during a GDC presentation,“But we’re pretty happy with the feature set we have now and do not intend to drastically change it, or even change it at all. Maybe we’ll throw extra features in here or there, but the controller’s not gonna grow a new touchpad, or a new set of buttons, or a new major feature.”

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