AMD announced the launch date of Kaveri APUs during APU13

During AMD’s annual developer conference which will now be known as ‘APU13’ announced the launch date for AMD Kaveri APU. The upcoming APU lineup will be featured up to 4 CPU cores with Steamroller CPU architecture and have 8 GCN 1.1 CUs. Kaveri lineup will be launched on 14th Jan 2014, a week after CES 2014.

One of the presentation slides also had one of the APU model- AMD A10-7850K- which is clocked at 3.7GHz CPU and 512 GPU units clocked at 720MHz.

It also should be noted that Kaveri is the first APU designed with Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA). This next gen APU comes with Heterogeneous Unified Memory Access (hUMA) which basically shares memory between the GPU and the CPU components of the APU equally. Kaveri will be based on 28nm chip.

Developers: The Heart of AMD Innovation

Developers: The Heart of AMD InnovationDevelopers: The Heart of AMD Innovation

Though Kaveri is based on FM2+ socket, it will require newer motherboard lineups. AMD Kaveri will also be available for notebook, server and embedded solutions.

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