Athlon X4 760K BE listed in eBay and Amazon

In few U.K. based online retail stores, Athlon X4 760K Black Edition which features the Richland APU is available and in stock, at least via Amazon and eBay UK. According to the specifications, these have 4 cores with 4MB L2 Cache clocked at 3.8GHz with Turbo boost of up to 4.1 GHz. This processor also supports DDR3-1866 MHz memory kits. In eBay U.K., this processor is listed for £82.95 but in Amazon UK its available for £62.98.

Along with the release of their 3rd generation APU for socket FM2 which featured HD 8000 graphics and core based on Richland architecture. AMD’s Athlon will also be featured with Richland core but with no integrated graphics processing.

At the time of writing, eBay seller has up to 8 units of this processor available, whereas Amazon seller would take 2-3 weeks time to dispatch the Richland Athlon APU.


This processor only has 100 MHz more than Trinity based 750K in core clock speed.

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