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AMD changes R9 Fury X liquid pump-block following whine complaints

Many reviewers pointed out that AMD Radeon R9 Fury X graphic card is producing a whine coming from the card. AMD seem to have responded by revising the pump block design used to cool down the Fiji-based GPU with a price tag of up to US$ 650.

R9 Fury X Pump Block  1

According to multiple reports, many review websites indicated that the R9 Fury X was producing a high pitched whine coming from the graphic card. AMD quickly responded with the following message:

AMD received feedback that during open bench testing some cards emit a mild “whining” noise. This is normal for most high speed liquid cooling pumps; Usually the end user cannot hear the noise as the pumps are installed in the chassis, and the radiator fan is louder than the pump. Since the AMD Radeon R9 FuryX radiator fan is near silent, this pump noise is more noticeable.

The issue is limited to a very small batch of initial production samples and we have worked with the manufacturer to improve the acoustic profile of the pump. This problem has been resolved and a fix added to production parts and is not an issue.

However, The Tech Report said that they don’t agree with the claims made by AMD in the first paragraph. They added it downplays the severity of this issue since the high pitched noise is unique compared to many liquid cooling units that were tested, including the R9 295 X2. Even PC Perspective said it would disagree that the noise is normal.

To add further, though AMD claimed that only a small batch of initial production samples were the one emitting the whine, few end users have complained that their retail purchased AMD Radeon R9 Fury X is found to make a whining noise. PC Perspective even purchased two AMD Radeon R9 Fury X graphic cards which also produced similar whining noise. In the conclusion of the write-up, it clearly pointed that AMD was trying to deflect the issue on launch day.

Few users posted a Youtube video of their retail R9 Fury X card that is reproducing the whining:

Later it was pointed out that there are another retail units of AMD Radeon R9 Fury X available with a different label on the pump block, possibly indicating that it is of a different design. The good news is that the chrome-embossed logo variant of the Coolermaster pump block was not as bad as the white and teal colour logo variant (all three of which PC Perspective had).

R9 Fury X Pump Block  2

But it does bring two questions:

  • If AMD will identify and recall such units?
  • If AMD will provide any way of identifying such Fury X without opening the unit and provide RMA or over-the-counter swap for the noisier block version?

As of now there is no official update from AMD India to address the Fury X whining and buzzing noise.

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