AMD Radeon Game bundle RX 5000 Series Vega 7nm WOW GodFall

AMD bundles two EPIC Exclusive with its RX 5000 series graphics card

AMD Radeon is now bundling two free games with its RX 5000 series graphics cards: Godfall and War of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Graphics cards such as the Radeon RX 5700 and 5700 XT, RX 5600 XT and the RX 5500 XT qualify for this offer. But the RX 5500 XT gets only a copy of Godfall. Those who purchased these GPUs between July 14th to October 3rd will get a game code from your retailer.

Both games are EPIC games exclusive, for now. So if you don’t have a qualifying graphics card but meet the specifications and want to play it, you can get them from here:

You can get more details from here.

About RX 5000 series and Radeon’s erratic misadventures

AMD Radeon RX 5000 series are based on 7nm process and emphasizing these cards for gameplay between 1080p and 1440p. Unlike its Ryzen CPUs, AMD ‘s push towards discrete graphics cards is strange- and that’s being extremely polite. But sometimes, you do get these variants for a good price against the GTX and RTX 20 series so you’ll just have to make your purchase decision accordingly.

But it does have some exclusive features. FidelityFX, Radeon Image Sharpening, and other stuff. Let us not forget Nvidia quietly supports FreeSync which is an open standard. It just doesn’t want to talk about it and downplay G-Sync. That can be seen even when Nvidia rolls out the latest driver and mentions new G-SYNC monitor support. But to Nvidia’s credit, they have been promoting DirectX Ray-Tracing (as RTX) for games well before AMD hasn’t released anything equivalent. And now Nvidia is preparing the RTX 30 series with Ampere architecture. Sure, there’s going to be the Big Navi. RTX 30 series is expected to be out in August. 

We’ll just cross that bridge when we get there.

About the bundled games

World of Warcraft Shadowfall is the expansion for a very long-running MMO which continues the storyline after WoW: Battle of Azeroth. As time passes, such expansion also includes in-game graphics optimizations and engine improvements.

Godfall is new. This distributed by Gearbox and not a lot is known about the game since it is going to be launched in the near future. But check out the trailer and see for yourself.

Meanwhile with Nvidia RTX…

Before this, Nvidia bundled “Death Stranding” with its RTX 20 series graphics cards. The game that was once a PlayStation 4 exclusive is now ready for pre-order on Steam. This game has DLSS 2.0 and some reviews are out. But based on a review, the game’s graphics for PC is underwhelming and there are certain issues it needs to fix.

Rishi Alwani of Mako Reactor reviewed the PC variant, and said this in his review:

Other minor issues like texture pop-in are apparent as well. The image quality overall is softer than the PS4 Pro version of the game with these settings. Perhaps these will be rectified with driver updates from Nvidia or a patch to the game. Death Stranding is listed on Steam for purchase.




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