R9 Fury X Pump Block  2

AMD fixes Radeon R9 Fury X high pitched whine, issues an updated statement

Few days ago, a news report was posted about reviewers and buyers with AMD Radeon Fury X noticing a high-pitched whine coming from the pump block within the unit. At the time, AMD said that the issue was only in production samples that were given to reviewers, but it was pointed that users and even PC Perspective who purchased 2 units of AMD Radeon Fury X producing the same high pitched noise, resulting in people recording and posting the video with the high pitched whine even fans turned out on Youtube.


R9 Fury X Pump Block  2

Now AMD updated their statement and said the following:

We have received feedback that during open bench testing a small number of Fury X cards emit a sound from the high speed liquid cooling pump that, while not loud, is bothersome to some users. While the vast majority of initial Fury X owners report remarkably quiet operation, we take this feedback seriously, as AMD’s mission is to always deliver the best possible experience to our Radeon customers.

AMD Radeon R9 Fury X customers demand and deserve the best, so adjustments in the sound baffling adhesive compound were applied in the assembly of the high speed cooling pump to address the specific sound a few end users experienced as problematic. This improved the acoustic profile of the pump, and repeat testing shows the specific pitch/sound in question was largely reduced through adjustments to the sound-baffling adhesive compound in the pump.

AMD will work with its graphic card partners to ensure the satisfaction of the small number of initial customers who observed this specific sound and experienced it as bothersome. AMD is confident that on-going production of Radeon R9 Fury X product reduces the specific sound in question, but this is also a highly subjective matter with wide differences in PC case builds and room acoustics.

The AMD Radeon™ R9 Fury X radiator fan is near silent, and this makes any sound from the high-speed pump more noticeable to some end users, especially during open bench testing. Thus although the overall sound levels are remarkably low for an enthusiast product, AMD has worked to reduce the specific sound that some customers report as bothersome.

As seen in the videos posted by AMD Radeon R9 Fury X’s early adopters, they were clearly using it in a PC case, contrary to the ‘open bench test’ statement. It doesn’t sound very reassuring, considering AMD’s earlier statement said the issue was only with a very small batch of initial production samples.

But on the bright side AMD did provide a fix for a $650 tagged Fury X card by using a sound baffling adhesive compound. But it didn’t give any clarity about how AMD will be proceeding with the recalls of those units that are already sold in retail or how to identify the fixed Fury X from the ones with the high pitched noise.

The updated statement did not address recalls from store shelves or over-the-counter replacement for early purchasers. Though there were reports of different coloured ‘Coolermaster’ Label on the block pump, the user cannot know which is which unless they open it and maybe even void the warranty. AMD said in its latest statement that they have made an adjustment in the sound baffling adhesive compound to fix the issue and hopefully its AIB manufacturers will make it easier for them.

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