AMD FX-9000 Pre-Orders starts!

AMD has started taking pre-orders for its FX-9000 series SKUs. The new FX-9590 AND FX-9370 are now available via an online retailer, but the pricing of the processors seriously puts questions what were people thinking when they priced it for $960 and $576 respectively.

PCSuperStore was one of the retailer sites selling the FX-9000 series, though the page seems to be taken down. It’s not clear if this is a pricing from PCSuperStore or from AMD, but looking at the pricing these processors seem to be lined up with Intel Core i7 Extreme.

There is another store who has priced the FX-9590 for $1,111 and FX-9370 for $711 via pre-order.

As of now, there has been no benchmarks scores or comparison charts for these processors published on any known (or unknown) tech sites- yet.

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