AMD intros Jaguar-based Opteron X series CPUs

AMD is set to go head-to-head with Intel’s Atom processors in the SoC server nice with their APU chips under the Opteron X branding.

The newer chips support up to 32GB DRAM per socket which is 4x more than what Intel offers with their dual-core Atom S1260. Their Opteron X Series chips- X1150 with 1.9 GHz Clock Speed and X2150 with 2.0 GHz clock speed- comes with 2MB cache. X2150 comes with Radeon HD 8000 series core with 128 core units, with a TDP of 11-22 w. X1150 does not have an onboard GPU but has a TDP range of 9-17 w.

The company is still sticking with 32nm manufacturing process but will be using quad cores. X2150 costs $99 whereas X1150 costs $64.


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