AMD to launch Radeon 250X by next month

The Radeon R7 Series would be getting another card within its lineup- Radeon 250X. It is speculated that the card will have the core as found on the R7 250, and it will have 640 stream processors, 16 ROPs and 40 TMUs. The reference version of this model is already under production via Sapphire and Asus, according to a source. The card should fit somewhere between R7 250 and R7 260, judging by the model number. However as of now, there is not official confirmation from AMD.


The card appears to be a dual slot design, going by the Sapphire’s cooler. It also seems that the card will have a single 6-pin PCIE power connector.

The specifications as of now are unknown, except that i may come with 1GB and/or 2GB with a 128 bit interface. AMD Radeon R7 250X was listed in certain European stores, and that they were listed for €90.

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