AMD launches 3 new APU lineups: Temash, Kabini and Richland

AMD has officially launched this year’s A-Series Lineup of the A and E Series mobile APU units. 2013 AMD Elite Mobility APU “Temash” is the world’s first 28 nm x86 based Quad Core SOC solution for notebooks, tablets and hybrid units, followed by 2013 AMD Mainstream APU “Kabini” being the first and only x86 SOC for entry level and smaller form factor notebooks with touchscreen panels.

low power versions of the 2013 AMD Elite Performance “Richland” APU is launched made specifically for premium versions of ultrathin notebooks.

The following are the features of the new lineups of APU for mobile devices:

2013 AMD Mobile APU Platform Details

2013 AMD Elite Mobility APU “Temash”

  •     World’s first 28 nm, quad-core x86 SoC APU, delivers the best graphics experience of any SoC on the planet for touch small form-factor notebooks, tablets and hybrids, 13-inches and below, enabling a superior HD media experience and high-end gaming.
  •     Available as AMD A-Series APUs, this new platform comes in dual (A4) and quad-core (A6) configurations, combining “Jaguar” x86 Central Processing Unit (CPU) cores with Graphics Core Next AMD Radeon HD 8000 Series graphics.
  •     Up to 172 percent more CPU performance per watt and up to 212 percent better graphics performance per watt than its predecessor, and up to 12 hours of resting battery life.
  •     Up to 45 percent longer battery life and nearly five times more GPU performance than the competition.
  •     Full support for 1080p touch display capability and full Microsoft Windows compatibility, including support for “Windows Blue.”

2013 AMD Mainstream APU “Kabini”

  •     Best-in-class graphics and first-in-class x86 quad core SoC delivers the ideal balance between function and affordability for entry-level and small-form factor touch notebooks.
  •    Combine either two or four “Jaguar” x86 CPU cores with Graphics Core Next AMD Radeon HD 8000 Series graphics, enabling stunning visual performance and all-day battery life6.
  •    Quad core 2013 Mainstream APUs, a part of the 2013 AMD A-Series APU family (A4 and A6 models), are the first and only quad-core x86 solution for entry-level and small-form factor touch notebooks.
  •    Dual core versions are AMD E-Series APUs, with E1 and E2 models available.
  •    Up to 132 percent better visual performance per watt and up to 127 percent better productivity performance per watt, plus up to 25 percent better power efficiency than previous generations7,8,9, with up to 11 hours of idle battery life.
  •    Up to 88 percent better graphics performance, up to 33 percent better gaming performance and up to 29 percent faster file compression than the competition.

2013 AMD Elite Performance APU “Richland”

  •     Top-of-the-line AMD A-Series APUs with A8 and A10 models that deliver the best graphics and compute in a performance APU, including elite performance and battery life, innovative features for the evolved PC user experience, and the most entertainment, all at a great value for premium ultrathin notebooks.
  •    Up to 12 percent better productivity performance and between 20-40 percent better visual performance than the previous generation, including up to 51 percent more power efficiency in HD video playback16 and up to 13 hours of resting battery life.
  •    Between 39-72 percent better gaming performance on today’s leading games than the competition.


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