AMD may release ‘Centurion’ FX Processors

AMD may prepare to roll-out their limited edition FX processors codenamed ‘Centurion’ that will cross 5 GHz clock speed, most like feature 8 cores and will be set to compete against Intel’s i7 HEDT chips for the LGA 2011 socket. It is also being said that Centurion can reach that clock speed using air cooling and will be stable enough inside desktop rigs. The new and limited edition chips will be using Vishera design and Piledriver’s micro-architecture.

Unfortunately, It is expected that the limited edition will cost $795, roughly 2 times more than the most top end Core i7 LGA 1155/ 1150 offers, therefore this would be put against Intel’s HEDT lineup.

It has been a very long time that AMD was ever able to catch up on Intel’s top-end processor lineups. AMD’s currently top of the line 8 core processor is FX 8350 viz. clocked at 4.0 GHz, but behind Intel’s i7 3770K LGA 1155 and i7-3970K LGA 2011. While it may seem that AMD seems to be trying to compete with the high-end processor market that Intel is dominating for some time, it may not be able to do since Piledriver’s architecture needs higher clock speed to perform at the same pace as its rival models, therefore increasing the thermal design envelops and higher binned chips resulting to higher costs.

On the bright side, this is a chip that AMD fanboys maybe looking forward too. But this isn’t the only ‘Limited Edition’ chips AMD worked on. Previously, it offered TWKR chips which were in a quantity of 100 units worldwide.

Via: XBit Labs

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