AMD might be working on Zen APU with HBM

AMD’s upcoming Zen architecture and its currently used High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM) on Fury series Radeon cards will be used in the company’s upcoming APU. A recent information was found via a paper as indicated by a source in Twitter where it indicates Mike Mantor as the co-author.

Zen APU 1

It is shown that the AMD Zen APU architecture’s HBM standard will provide 128GB/s bandwidth. The paper shows that the upcoming (and speculated) Zen-based APU will use the upgraded memory tech used in existing APU architecture Carrizo. the same technology that is also used in current generation gaming consoles. That said, Zen APUs will most likely appear in 2017 as its Zen desktop CPU variants will be out by Q4 2016.

It should be noted that Nvidia’s Pascal architecture and AMD Radeon’s ‘Artic Islands’ graphic cards will also be using HBM. AMD Radeon made preparations by signing up with Samsung to fabricate its chips along with GlobalFoundries for smooth production compared to scarcity with chips used Fury and Fury X.

Though some may not find it surprising to see Zen architecture with HBM for the future APU variant, it’s strange that AMD isn’t releasing it at the same time with its CPU launch timeframe. In any which case, die-stack memory is almost here.

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