AMD Ryzen Van Gogh APU DDR5

AMD Next Gen APU ‘Van Gogh’ supports 256-Bit DDR5 Memory

The next-gen AMD APU codenamed ‘Van Gogh’ is showing signs of utilising 256-bit DDR5 memory. This AMD’s first sign of DDR5 adoption we will see after a few months or a year at best. Earlier, we reported about the Alder Lake coming on the new platform, socket and using DDR5 memory. AMD is no difference since it outlined with AM4 lifespan well before Ryzen 1st generation was launched.

This information was unearthed from AMD’S Linux Kernel boot log for the AMD’s unnamed Quad-Core Van Gogh APU (100-000000405-03_35/24_N, family: 0x17, model: 0x90, stepping: 0x1). The testing motherboard was codenamed ‘Chachani-VN’. A 256-bit memory interface is what high-end CPUs use. This is probably the first low end/ client PCs that will be using this memory speed. Will it take advantage of it effective or is this something AMD is only testing? Time will tell. Nothing is set in stone during the testing process.

What’s known about Van Gogh so far…

There’s nothing known about the upcoming AMD platform, yet. Except about Van Gogh APU. What is expected from this APU is that it will be based on the Zen 2 microarchitecture and RDNA2 based on-chip Radeon graphics. Just like its predecessors and currently available CPUs, this will be made by TSMC, likely on the 7nm process. Since this is a quad-core CPU with a seemingly high memory interface, this is something that is still tested internally until it can start planning multiple SKUs.

Just like Intel, AMD will have a new socket, new architecture and will adopt DDR5 next. It is not certain if next-generation AMD CPUs are coming anytime this year, but the first LGA 1700 socketed based Alder Lake-S is expected to arrive in the market by the end of 2021 or earlier 2022. It safe to assume the Van Gogh APUs will work with the next generation of AMD Ryzen CPUs once there’s any clarification.

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