AMD Crimson

AMD outs 16.4.2 WHQL Crimson Edition Driver

AMD has been making quite an impression, but this is about its new 16.4.2 crimson edition driver bringing multiple optimizations and fixes for its Radeon enabled gaming PCs.

According to the release noted, this driver enabled AMD Xconnect where you can use Thunderbolt3 eGFX enclosure that’s using Radeon R9 Fury, Nano and any of the Radeon 300 series GPUs as a plug-and-play device. Apart from that, AMD provides two CrossFire profile for Elite Dangerous and Need for Speed.

It also resolved multiple issues. One of the notable ones is the flickering issue while playing The Division on AMD CrossFire setups. Another issue is the stuttering issue with Fallout 4, also using AMD CrossFire setups. Negative scaling on Hitman with AMD CrossFire also seem to have been fixed, according to AMD.

The entire set of resolved issues are as follows:

AMD also documented the known issues with this drivers so that its users can exercise caution and hopefully should be fixed with the next update. It was just recent when AMD released a WHQL/Hotfix driver few ago so its fair to say that the red team would frequently release updates. They are as follows:

The latest Crimson Edition graphics driver can be installed from here.

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