AMD outs Catalyst 14.11.1 BETA for COD: AW and Assassin’s Creed Unity


Just like Nvidia rolling out ‘Game Ready’ driver for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and later Assassin’s Creed Unity, AMD releases a Catalyst 14.11.1 BETA for these games. These are not WHQL drivers so we’ll have to wait for those.

But just like how these games do not support any less than 4GB system memory and Windows XP, these drivers are for Windows Vista, 7, 8.1 64-it only. But it does support AMD Radeon HD 7000 and higher models. AMD assures performance boost for both single and multi GPU setups. There are some known issues with the BETA drivers as listed in its release notes, mostly with Crossfire mode under certain settings. There’s also issues with AMD Radeon R9 295 X2 and, R9 280X and 280, but then again- it’s a BETA driver. Use it with discretion.

You can download them and check the rest of the release notes from here.

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