AMD outs new game bundles for 200 Series GPU units

Along with the launch of Radeon R9 270, AMD is bundling new PC games with the res of their 200 Series lineups divided as Battlefield 4 and Radeon Silver reward. Out of 9 games available under silver bundle, 260X will be getting 2 games. Eidos’ upcoming title Thief will also be bundled in the silver package, however it will be available as an option provided they can wait until February 2014.

AMD Radeon R7 260X is the only card under Silver reward tier as of now, whereas the cards between R9 270 to R9 290X will be under BF4 bundle. The cards which are qualified for Battlefield 4 will not be getting any game from the Silver bundle. Battlefield 4 will also be enabled for AMD Mantle, and therefore become the first game to do so!

bundle #1

bundle rewards

What’s unfortunate is that the week-old early adopters of R9 290 graphic cards will not get their hands on this bundle.

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