AMD Roadmap 2013

AMD to show Ultra low-power APU and Radeon SSD

Well, its far from calling it “an effort to recover” but at the very least AMD is making efforts to find a potential type of market where they can thrive.

According to to Fudzilla, AMD is targeting a new form-factor clients, low powered clients and tablets. The processor lineup is codenamed “Temash” would be based on Kabini technology and expected to be ready around CES time-frame, hopefully soon enough to showcase during the expo. However, plans are already confirmed to show tablets powered with Z-60 “Hondo” APUs at CES 2013.

Also, another news from AMD is that they’re working on Radeon branded SSDs. Since AMD is selling Radeon branded DRAM modules so it was just a matter of time that AMD would make a good call by announcing SSD lineups as well. Question now is that how does AMD plan to recover its losses and damages- not to mention the pain of selling away one of their campuses in the hopes that stay in business??

AMD Memory

AMD doesn’t really do well when it comes to CPU except in cheaper options but when it comes to consumer and workstation graphic cards- and APUs, AMD seems to be in the game. Currently, their Radeon memory modules are made by Patriot, XFX and VisionTek. However, its still is too early to say how good AMD Radeon SSDs will be and who will manufacture it.

Hopefully after the steps been taken, no matter how slow it may seem and since AMD is trying to beat the tough times by selling and renting their campuses and office space to stay afloat, they’ll recover- and finally, concentrate on making good and fast processors.

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