AMD Polaris 10 is pretty close to R9 390X’s Performance

Many potential buyers will be happy (if that’s the case) when one of the upcoming Polaris 10 based graphic cards will be pretty close in performance with the R9 390X. This news is not just based on a GFX Bench’s OpenGL run , but also based on ‘well-informed source‘.

In GFXBench, an AMD Polaris 10 device ID 67FF:C8 was listed. Manhattan 3.1 onscreen generated 59.1 frames per second on the Polaris 10 and 59.4 FPS on the R9 390X. More benchmark results can be found here. What’s even more of a potential selling point is that AMD claims the newer 14nm FinFET GPUs are more energy efficient. It is not sure which Polaris 10 card will have 390X like performance as its speculated to be used in the R9 490X, 490 and the R9 480.

As pointed out earlier, while Polaris 10 would take its place as a high-end lineup, the Polaris 11 based R7 470 and the R9 470 would belong to a mid-range segment.

Apart from the changes, Polaris will feature an H.265 encoding and decoding, along DisplayPort 1.3 which will support 4K at 120Hz and HDMI 2.0. It shouldn’t take long for these cards to launch, though it’s uncertain if AMD would release these Radeons all at the same time. AMD also started a microsite for the Polaris architecture, which would be safe to say that the Polaris is coming pretty soon! Judging by the site, AMD is feeling itself going towards smooth and seamless VR for the masses and support for next-generation monitors, CPU-free game streaming and recording (sounds very familiar, eh??). Furthermore, Nvidia’s Pascal is also just around the corner as well.

How much of these will be fulfilled? Time will tell!

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