AMD Radeon 7990 Specs And Benchmarks Leaked

The upcoming graphics card AMD Radeon 7990 ‘Malta’ GPU’s specifications were recently put up by ChinaDIY.



The card is built with 2x 28nm Tahiti cores with 1GHz clock speed, 6GB GDDR5 with 384bit x 2 memory interface and 576.0 GB/s bandwidth with a peak performance of 8.2 TFlops.  The card comes with a dual slot cooler with 3 x 92nm fans copper heatpipe cooling solution.


It was also pointed out that one of the Redditors who is a developer for DICE studios, Johan Anderson have been running these cards on 2x CrossFireX mode. Going by the leaked specifications, that means that they’ve been running these cards with 4 cores.

According to the redditor, he said that 7990 reference cards powers up via 2x 8 PCIe power connectors but he also stated he has Asus ARES II, PowerColor HD7990 and PowerColor’s Devil13 version. The card is expected to be released on April 24, a few days from now at the time of writing.


Chiploco also posted a couple of screenshots which ran 3DMark’s Fire Strike benchmark and Battlefield 3 with Ultra 4x AA DoF 90 on 5760×1080 resolution. The results clearly show that 7990 which seem to have taken the crowd of the ‘best performance money can buy’ if the benchmarks are accurate. The card secured a score of very impressive 11479 in Fire Strike Performance and 5854 IN Extreme, that’s more than what GTX 690 achieves which has a score of 9863 in performance mode and 5079 in extreme mode.

The card seems to have an advantage of about 4 fps in comparison with GTX 690 and about 16 fps in comparison with Nvidia’s Titan. One will have to wonder about actual power consumption of the card, considering that it does seem to have a lot of muscle power on that PCB.

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