AMD Radeon buyers may get Blood Dragon codes

AMD recently added Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon in their ‘Never Settled Reloaded’ bundle, but it looks like AMD and Ubisoft have been having an issue to distribute the codes among Radeon users. The game was released today, and both the companies had the intent to distribute the game codes as soon as the game was released.

There were some users who were able to get the game codes right away, but a majority of the users will have to wait for at least a week.

AMD’s head of PR for gaming and enthusiast graphics issues the following statement:

Code distribution begins today, running for approximately seven days thereafter as we work with Ubisoft to deploy this huge batch of codes to AMD Radeon customers. Codes will be delivered by email to the addresses customers provided when they redeemed their bundle codes, and customers should make sure they’re still opted in for AMD emails so that we can send those codes without violating the US CAN-SPAM act.

AMD Radeon HD 7970, 7950, 78xx series, 7790 and 7770 GHz Edition qualify for the Farcry 3 Blood Dragon code, as shown below:


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