AMD Radeon HD 7730 images leaked

A post was made on a Chinese based forum Coolaler which shows the existence of HD 7730 as it posted the photos of MSI HD 7730. Despite original poster’s best effort to keep the identity of the card a secret, he didn’t block out the HD 7730 labelling in one of the box shots.

The GPU comes with 128bit Bus with 800MHz GPU clock and 1125MHz Memory clock speed with 1GB GDDR5. It uses a memory bandwidth of 70.4GB/s and with 55w TDP.

The leaked information contains screens of 3DMark Vantage runs which compared AMD Radeon HD 6670 GPU which made a performance preset score of 5366 3DMark scores with 4180 GPU score against AMD Radeon 7730, which made a very impressive score Performance preset 3DMark score of 10764 and GPU score of 88731.




What’s also interesting is that this card takes power only from the PCIe interface and doesn’t require additional power from the PCIe power connector. However, it doesn’t come with a Crossfire either.


The card comes with DVI I (adapter for VGA probably is bundled) HDMI and DisplayPort connector.

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