AMD Radeon HD 7990 to launch at 24th April

It has been confirmed by a report that unnamed sources confirmed with them about AMD’s 7990 GPU. It seems that AMD is going to launch their HD 7990 Malta dual-core GPU on 24th April. Its also being confirmed that selected few from the press should have the GPU in their hands and have given the information that they can put up the review on April 24th. However, it is not clear when will it appear in retail stores, considering its also being said that the card will be sold by a handful of its partners for unknown reasons.


The official specs are not up yet, but its been said that the new card from AMD is an improved version of Tahiti GPU in terms of power efficiency and it will allow higher clock speed. According to the reference pictures that were put up by someone who is selling the engineering sample on eBay shows that it is a dual-slot triple fan to cool down the card.


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