AMD Radeon HD 8570 ‘Oland Pro’ benchmarks revealed

It looks like AMD Radeon’s HD 8000 series will soon be released considering that a teaser video for one of the HD 8000 series is put up. A video is showing which compares AMD Radeon HD 8570 with Nvidia’s GT630, and it looks like this card is aimed towards 720p PC Gamers.

AMD Radeon HD 8570 ‘Oland Pro’ will have 384 Stream processors, 24 texture units and with a clock speed of 720MHz with 128bit memory bus with 2 versions: 4.6 GHz GDDR5 and 1.8GHz GDDR3 edition.

The benchmarks and performance numbers do on the tests are as follows:

  • WinZip 16.5: 28.29 seconds and GT 630 47.04 seconds
  • Battlefield 3: up to 39 FPS and GT 630 up to 30 FPS
  • Musemage: 15210ms and GT 630 36691ms

AMD has put up a video playing Battlefield 3’s ‘Operation Swordfish’ video with 1280 x 720p res and High-Quality setting, which shows that the card performs well in these settings. Of course one will wonder how it does on higher settings, considers most games seem to be sticking with 1080p resolution as of now.

Via: TweakTown

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