AMD Radeon R7 470 and R9 480 coming to Computex

AMD is gearing up to show its newest cards. The last time, we showed about the Pro Duo being pictured, and about the Polaris based cards before that which would be called as ‘R9 490’ and the ‘R9 490X’.

AMD will also be launching two more gaming-grade graphic cards which are aimed towards the mid-range segment. The AMD Radeon R9 480 will be based on 14nm Polaris 10 ‘Ellesmere’ and the Radeon R7 470 using the Polaris 11 ‘Baffin’ chip. Both of these graphic cards will be replacing the previous generation R9 380 and R7 370.

The Radeon R9 480 is rumoured to have 2,304 stream processors while having 2,560 stream processors on the Polaris 10 core. It uses a 256-bit memory interface using 8 GDDR5 with the ability to use GDDR5X once it’s available for its AIB partners. According to sources, Polaris 10 will be clocked between 800 MHz to 1050 MHz.

Not much is known about the R7 470, except that its TDP will be below 50w. However, the Radeon R9 480 will have a TDP between 110w to 135w. Nvidia’s Pascal GP100 has a TDP rating of 300w so chances are that Polaris 10 is not a high-end chip with AMD R9 4XX GPU lineup. It is noteworthy to point out that the R9 480 will have four DisplayPort and a DVI port. The 14nm FinFET process is done by GlobalFoundries. More news is expected at Computex 2016 which will be held in Taiwan on May 31st to June 4th.

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