RX 480

AMD Radeon RX 480 can overclock 1.5 GHz+


AMD RX 480 will also have a “Beast Mode” variants for higher OC potential, AMD OverDrive to be upgraded!

Things are looking interesting as AMD’s upcoming Polaris card are just a few days away. It brings hope that active competition will bring great hardware at good prices, enabling them for a faster upgrade. This is assuming AMD Radeon Polaris can perform well against currently available cards. It’s a very tall order. But there’s no harm if it can deliver what’s promised! Everybody loves to see an underdog get up and do what’s best for the people! Nvidia slashed prices for GTX 900 series, but one has to wonder if when will the price cut reflect? But active competition has already started.

The recent news report points out that the AMD Radeon RX 480 will have a good overclocking headroom so that enthusiasts can easily clock all the way up to 1.4GHz easily or more than 1.5GHz after additional tweaking using the non-reference editions. There will be another variant of the card. AMD Radeon RX 480’s “Beast Mode” cards are expected to take additional power from 6-pin + 8-pin PCIe power options so one may expect that they would be higher overclockable cards naturally at a higher priced than its stock editions. It is expected that its stock variant has a base clock of 1080 MHz and boost clock of 1266 MHz.

What also should be added that AMD will be providing a major upgrade over its current OverDrive overclocking tool with a voltage control utility and the ability to set fan speeds with profile saves. So far, AMD Radeon is on a right track but it’s all news and information as of now. Let’s hope the performance is just as good as they say. A lot of people have hopes on the RX 480 and have kept aside their GTX purchase decision just for that.

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