RX 500 Series- RX 580 Inner PCB

AMD Radeon RX 500 Series- Leaks and New Details!

As rumours about AMD launching its AMD RX 500 series at April 18th is circulating, more of its information are surfacing. Recently, the images of RX 580 came out, which shows the card using the standard reference cooling design and taking power from an eight-pin PCIe connector. According to the label, this card is manufactured on March 3rd.

About the AMD Radeon RX 580

It is speculated that AMD Radeon RX 580 will be using Polaris 10 GPU, with higher FP32 computing, higher boost clock at 1340 MHz. Most likely this will use the same reference design as the RX 480.

About the AMD Radeon RX 570

The GPU-Z screenshot revealed some information. The GPU is with 2048 stream processors, 128 TMUs, 32GB ROPs and 4GB GDDR5 memory from Elpida. The RX 570 seem to use Polaris 10 with the same core count, TMUs and ROPs as the RX 470. But it will have a higher FP32 Compute to 5.10 TFLOPs, 1244 MHz boost clock, 7000 MHz memory clock, up to 224 GB/s of bandwidth. The card will use GDDR5 memory and take additional power from a single 6-pin power connector. Both will not have a dual-link DVI-D connector. But non-reference makers might have a different plan.

If the specs are to be believed, it looks like refresh model of the RX 470 and the RX 480. Some early leaks indicated these would use Polaris 20 XTX and Polaris 12. However, it might not be the case.

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