AMD reduces Radeon 7990 ‘Malta’ GPUs by $200+

AMD’s flagship graphic card Radeon 7990 gets a massive price drop from $999+ which was sold since launch at April to $200- $300 lesser. Since this card gets a very appreciated price drop, it aligns itself next to cards with Nvidia GTX 780 GPU.

AMD Radeon 7990 uses 2x AMD GPUs codenamed ‘Malta’, but it wasn’t able to compete with Nvidia’s Titan with the price tag of $1,000. It should also be noted that AMD recently released newer drivers as well. Aside from that, one could speculate if AMD is trying to clear up Radeon HD 7990 stocks to make way for their next generation Hawaii GPU which is expected to launch in September.

The prices of the AMD Radeon 7990 GPUs should be somewhere around $699, and since HD 7990 is bundled with the ‘Never Settle’ bundle which lets you get PC Game titles like Tomb Raider, Crysis 3, Sleeping Dogs, etc., it brings more value to the package. With the new 13.8 frame pacing BETA drivers for smoother gameplay, this pretty much makes their current flagship to be in people’s attention again.

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