AMD refreshed its ‘Never Settle forever’ bundle

AMD added Indie games as a choice of games available in its Never Settle Forever bundles, aiming to include entry-level such as R7 250X, R7 250 and R7 240 GPUs. It also updated the list of GPUs, adding its flagship model: R9 295X2. AMD included a game called ‘Murdered: Suspected Soul’ within Gold and Silver Tiers.

never_settle_april_2014The total list of games are as follows:

  •     Sleeping Dogs (Silver and Gold only)
  •     Hitman Absolution (Silver and Gold only)
  •     Tomb Raider (Silver and Gold only)
  •     Thief (Silver and Gold only)
  •     Murdered: Soul Suspect (Silver and Gold only)
  •     Payday 2 (Silver and Gold only)
  •     Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Silver and Gold only)
  •     Just Cause 2
  •     Supreme Commander Gold Edition
  •     TitanQuest Gold Edition
  •     Total War: Shogun 2
  •     Company of Heroes 2
  •     Darksiders 2
  •     Darksiders
  •     Alan Wake
  •     Dirt 3
  •     Dungeon Siege 3

The Indie titles that are added are The Banner Saga, Dyad, Guacamelee! and Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack. The updated Tier list are as follows:



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