AMD releases FX-9590 only for System Integrators

AMD officially announced the FX-9590 SKU, but its limited to system integrators and nothing something accessible in the open retail market. Before it came to light that AMD would be releasing a 5 GHz version of FX processor with 8 cores based on ‘Piledriver’ architecture, becoming the newest flagship model, and now the company has following announced its release during E3 held in L.A., United States. AMD also released FX-9370 processor.

What AMD didn’t clearly say was that the clock speed is achieved via Turbo Core 3.0, whereas FX-9370 can achieve up to 4.7 GHz, naturally depending on an ideal condition possible. It is another story if they would be able to overpower i7-4770k in terms of overall performance.

However, it seems that end-users may not get these chips via retail shelves, as the press release states that the AMD FX 9000 series is available in PCs through system integrators like Maingear.

So it is not clear if these will hit retail shelves, let alone know about retail pricing of the bumped FX processors.


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