AMD releases cut- down RX 560 quietly, issues statement

AMD Radeon made a discrete and unannounced variant of the RX 560 where it comes with a reduced number of compute units and stream processors. The real problem comes as AMD did not make any official statement well before buyers got to know about this after purchasing the graphics card. There was also no way to differentiate between the full-RX 560 and the cut-off variant. It was problematic as it matched the specifications for RX 460.

The un-cut RX 560 has 16 Compute Units and 2014 Stream Processors. The cut-off version had 14 Compute Units and 896 Stream Processors. According to the reports, the spec reduction did not result in cheaper pricing.

AMD issued a statement. While it said they will address the confusion via retailers and AIB makers, it didn’t say why did they have to do that.

“It’s correct that 14 Compute Unit (896 stream processors) and 16 Compute Unit (1024 stream processor) versions of the Radeon RX 560 are available. We introduced the 14CU version this summer to provide AIBs and the market with more RX 500 series options. It’s come to our attention that on certain AIB and retail websites there’s no clear delineation between the two variants. We’re taking immediate steps to remedy this: we’re working with all AIB and channel partners to make sure the product descriptions and names clarify the CU count so that gamers and consumers know exactly what they’re buying. We apologize for the confusion this may have caused.”

Obviously and understandably, this is incredibly misleading. The secretive change merely brings a lack of trust towards the chipmaker and its AIB partners. It is strange that while its CPU division has taken several steps ahead, Radeon group has done something which they shouldn’t. This isn’t the first time a discrete graphics chipmaker has pulled off a similar stunt. Nvidia has done the same with GTX 970 2.5GB controversy. It shouldn’t be forgotten as AMD said ‘4 GB means 4 GB’. Too bad the same couldn’t be said about its chip’s specification.

According to the discussion started by the RX 560 owners, the cut-off variant has been available for a while. Would this qualify to return the product and get the original specification version is a discussion? It is also not clear if AMD Radeon will continue making the full-spec RX 560 chips. The best way to identify the cut-off version from the real RX 560, use GPU-Z and note down the Compute Units/Stream Processors.

AMD releases cut- down RX 560 quietly, issues statement from hardware

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