AMD Rolls Out G-Series SOCs with Jaguar Architecture

AMD recently announced system-on-chip platform ‘G-Series’, a single chip which uses AMD’s next generation ‘Jaguar’ architecture with AMD Radeon 8000 series graphics. AMD says that it offers up to 113% performance bump compared to the previous G-Series series APU and 125% boost when compared to Intel Atom. The graphics processing gives up to 20% boost when compared to the previous G-Series APU and 5x more in comparison with Intel Atom. AMD says that the results were from Industry standard intensive benchmarks on the processing and the graphics processing.

The base model is GX-416RA which is a Quad Core solution clocked at 1.6GHz, but with no onboard GPU, but the flagship within this series called GX-420CA SOC is a Quad core WITH 25W TDP, clocked at 2GHz, 8400E graphics clocked at 600MHz.
The following is the list of the newer launches:

  • GX-420CA SOC with AMD Radeon 8400E Graphics: Quad-core, 25W TDP, CPU Freq. 2.0GHz, GPU Freq. 600MHz
  • GX-415GA SOC with AMD Radeon 8330E Graphics: Quad-core, 15W TDP, CPU Freq. 1.50GHz, GPU Freq. 500MHz
  • GX-217GA SOC with AMD Radeon 8280E Graphics: Dual-core, 15W TDP, CPU Freq. 1.65GHz, GPU Freq. 450MHz
  • GX-210HA SOC with AMD Radeon 8210E Graphics: Dual-core, 9W TDP, CPU Freq. 1.0GHz, GPU Freq. 300MHz
  • GX-416RA SOC: Quad-Core, 15W, CPU Freq. 1.6GHz, No GPU

Other than performance numbers, the newer SOC lineup supports DX11.1, OpenGL 4.2x and OpenCL 1.2.

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