AMD Ryzen Mobile APU packs some serious performance boost

As per mobile CPU benchmark leaks, AMD Ryzen shows 90% performance increase over older Bristol Ridge

Within 2017, AMD Ryzen mobile APU is expected for notebook users. Its recently launched Vega did not meet expectations. But its Ryzen CPUs and its desktop motherboards are very promising for various uses. Naturally, we would expect AMD Ryzen APUs for both desktops and notebooks at some point.

According to the information leaks, the Ryzen mobile ‘Raven Ridge’ APUs will be the first to use its Vega architecture. According to leaked documents, it will provide much better battery life compared to its older AMD mobile chipsets. Though it largely depends on the SKU, 50% more CPU performance, 40% GPU performance at the cost of 50% lesser power consumption shows leaps and bounds AMD has made.

The leaked Geekbench benchmarks show ‘Ryzen 5 2500U’ APU which achieved a single-core score of 3,561 and multi-core score of 9,421. It also reveals its clock speed to be 2.0 GHz with four cores and 8 threads. It also has 4MB of L3 Cache. However, these specs may not be finalized for the Ryzen 5 5200U APU. It is unclear if AMD has Ryzen mobile SKUs ready.

If both the CPU and its built-in GPU has great performance, we can see notebook manufacturers roll out some of the best mid-range notebooks you can get. The fastest AMD mobile APU is the Bristol Ridge-based A12-9800B.

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