Threadripper four dies epyc

AMD Threadripper additional dies cannot be enabled

AMD Threadripper’s two extra dies are a lie!!!11

Earlier, extreme overclocker and delidder Der8auer delidded the newly launched AMD Threadripped CPUs and interestingly it has four dies instead of what it should it have been two dies. He went further by removing the dies from its substrate. They were identical and therefore assumes all are Zeppelin wafers. This led to a lot of speculation about the Threadripper CPUs having the ability to unlock those dies through some means and even a renamed Epyc CPU. Turns out, they’re just expensive pieces of rocks.

Putting the rumours to rest…

From the outside, while the CPU make look similar, Threadripper and Epyc are two different CPUs which don’t have same electric paths. Therefore any chance of having them enabled via BIOS in some fashion died on its own. Any misconceptions about the similarity between Threadripper and Epyc was put to sleep.

Basically, the dummy dies are nothing more than spacers for the Threadripper CPUs. Nevertheless, it is good to find and an also to get official confirmation about the non-functional dies. Der8auer is on a roll of delidding CPUs, giving us a little bit of information that all love to know about! Too bad these dies are non-functional! Expensive, but a couple of expensive lemons!

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