AMD ZEN scheduled to be launched for January 17th

AMD and Intel rumored to announce its upcoming SKUs during CES 2017

AMD China’s partner MAXSUN has leaked some interesting news about AMD’s upcoming desktop CPU launch. It is said that AMD’s ZEN CPU architecture will  launch during CES 2017, between 5th and 8th January. Intel will also release its Kaby Lake desktop CPU architecture, a convenient arrangement. It is expected that the first rollouts would be the top of the line ‘SR7’ processors and cost between $250 to $300. The second line of SKUs is rumored to be out by March 2017. Maxsun also pointed out that the upcoming ZEN CPU architecture between 3.15 to 3.30 GHz base clocks, but it could overclock up to 4.2 GHz using CPU air and AIO coolers.


It is said that AMD will be releasing an eight-core 16-thread processor which will compete with Intel’s extreme high-end Broadwell-E CPU. Of course, seeing is believing. It is best to wait and see if this turns out to be true. But it shows that AMD’s Zen will cover the APU and the extreme high-end desktop processors. That will be a long list of SKUs.

Its CPU models will be called as ‘Summit Ridge’ and its APU variant will use the ‘Bristol Ridge’. It will use the new AM4 socket, utilize DDR4 memory and its assumed to have TDP of 95w. It will be interesting to see as Intel will be rolling out Kaby Lake. The main question is whether AMD’s bark is as good as its bite. Earlier, Intel Kaby Lake desktop SKU Core i7-7600K will have a max 10% performance increase over the previous architecture. Whether it’s AMD or Intel, what’s important is that they deliver the best in performance and future-ready features for its consumers.

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