AMD’s ‘Kyoto’ microserver processors to arrive in second half of 2013


HP has revealed its plan to have systems with AMD’s ‘Kyoto’ processors primarily made for media workloads. While HP will be using Intel Atom Centerton and Avoton server processors for general purpose servers in its moonshot servers.

AMD didn’t disclose any information about Kyoto’s accelerated processing, but its been known that it will consume as low as 11w. Looking at demands for Video Transcoding and looking at what HP had made plans for Kyoto lineups, its obvious that AMD have made this for that purpose. What’s even more surprising is that Nvidia’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said during GTC Keynote that HP and AMD could be a profit winner once its released later this year.


Paul Santeler, VP and GM of HP’s Hyperscale business said,”I think other people such as AMD have got a very strong graphics capability and that is going to be great for that solution we are going to bring online from AMD, because it’s going to be very good for doing video transcoding, video analysis, virtual desktop infrastructure, video gaming and I think every one of our partners brings something different to the marketplace for us.”

He added in a statement:
[quote]”With the ‘Kyoto’ APU power consumption as low as 11W, including the integrated GPU, we are targeting optimized total cost of ownership for media-oriented workloads such as hosted desktop, online gaming and image processing, to name a few.”[/quote]

Source: The Inquirer

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