Antec Advance 3X Strength Cleaning Kit Review

I have spent many years using all kinds of solutions to clean all kinds of electronic items. Through trial and error, I’ve eventually come to the same solution you might find at your local doctor’s place, IPA or more commonly known as ISO-Propyl Alcohol (cleaning spirit). This non-conductive, fast evaporating liquid is ideal for cleaning most surfaces.

But like everything else it has its own set of problems. It can, react with certain plastics and make them cloudy and ruin that perfect finish. It also smells unpleasant to many. There are many alternatives to this available at almost all IT shops, but most of them are derivatives of IPA or some form of alcohol. Some are even simply water and diluted soap solutions which needless to say are highly dangerous for anything electrical.

Antec has released a cleaning kit and has been kind enough to send me a sample. Its labelled “3x Strength Spray” and it is a cleaning solution meant for all types of screens. It also has the following unique features :

  • Non-drip
  • Alcohol and Ammonia free
  • Anti-static
  • It kills 99.9% bacteria and is SGS testing approved
  • The solution is compatible with scratch guards and does not interfere with glass either




It comes in 2 packages
1)  60ml Spray + Microfiber Cloth
2)  60ml (For travel) + 240ml (For home) + Microfiber Cloth

We have the later here. Contents are as follows:

  • 1x 240ml Spray Bottle For home
  • 1x 60ml Spray Bottle For Travellers
  • 1x 30x30cm Microfiber Cloth Cleaning
  • 1x Instruction Guide

The Antec Advance 3X Cleaning kit was used to clean the screen of my mobile phone every day at the start for ten days.

The screen was wiped clean at the start and I would observe the screen at the end and visually inspect any improvements compared to what I am used to witnessing. I also cleaned my monitor and keyboard (though it is not the intended use) with the solution. The solution along with the cloth is great. Spend a good minute with them, cleaning your device and your screen will feel factory fresh. The solution is thicker than the stuff you get locally but is not too thick. One squirt is more than enough to wipe my Galaxy Note’s 5.3inch screen clean. Like any liquid, it does drip but does not flow like the others.

Simply put, the shine on my screen is back. The cloth is absolutely amazing. It is not your ordinary microfiber cloth, its soft and has a “corduroy” texture. It is much more absorbent than the other cloth that I have encountered over the years. It is also machine washable and can be used many many times over. The fingerprints are less attracted to the screen, but not by a lot. The difference is perceivable but not drastic. And yes, for all those of you wondering, the solution has no negative impact on my scratch guard.

The phone screen had a glimmer to it that lasted longer than what I am used to with IPA or a very mild damp cloth. The monitor and keyboard also had the same results.


▲Easy to Use

▲Great cloth

▲Safe to Use


▼ Only one cloth provided

India (Online Retail)U.S.U.K.
Rs. 600/-$16.62£11.38

  1. IPA is too strong to be used in certain LCD panels, usually samsung. you end up mixing it with water on most count. how much of it has water content on it. it would be good if there was some assurance from screen manufacturer if this solution is recommended to be used on their screen to clean.

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