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Antec Eleven Hundred PC Chassis Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging and Specification
  3. External Impressions
  4. Internal Impressions Part 1
  5. Internal Impressions Part 2
  6. Test Bench and Installation Experience
  7. Conclusion


The framework is no different from P280- with an exception that P280 uses tray mounts for storage drives, and Eleven Hundred uses HDD slides.

There are 4x rubber grommets for cable routing and 2x routing holes on the top of the motherboard tray.


Nothing new from the rear panel view from the inside- except that the plastic grip for removing PCIe vents. The front panel also has internal mounting clips for 2x 120mm fans just like P280 did.

Just as an example, this is how easy the fan mount is:


Even fans with thick silicone corners such as Antec’s TrueQuiet and Corsair’s AF Series fans have isn’t a problem to mount them with ease.


As one can guess it from the underbelly view on the previous page, the base doesn’t have a 120mm fan mount. Then again, too many fan mesh means a requirement of more filters, but it makes a lot more sense than having a fan mount for the right sidepanel for a lot of end users.

The top panel is where the large 200mm fan is and its mount to push the air out. Looking at the advertised specs, there’s no 2x 120mm fan provided on the front. That’s disappointing. When you’re buying a case- with exceptions of $50 or underpriced cases- you will expect bare essentials- fans on the front and rear. So you end up buying 2 more fans of your preference to mount them on the front panel. But why would Antec do that- and not have a top panel mount for 240mm radiators???

The case’s structure is as same as Antec P280 so if you’ve read that, the pros and cons are going to be similar.


The 5.25” bay mounting is how most cases have- from the left sidepanel view there are the tool-less clips, and from the right panel it clips to hold the drive in place.


Let’s cut it short and simple. It’s basically a P280 with many differences. You get the same stuff with certain obvious differences out of which most of them didn’t make sense at all.

One of them is this:


The grommets are glued to the tray’s mounting cut-out- and not like P280 where the grommets are clipped on the motherboard plate itself. Eleven hundred is the cheaper P280, but I wonder how much is Antec saving from letting the grommets be clipped on the case and not glued.

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  1. i think with the same case design, they can provide 240/280 rad mount on the top this case and this case will become a stunner. its even kinda weird why would they not have mount grips on the rubber grommets but P280 is way too minimalistic design for my taste and I really hate the front panel door. No $100 chassis comes with no mounting for rads since everyone makes then now so once they do that they need to have a white black combo color type on the case. that will be an excellent stunner….

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