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Antec Eleven Hundred PC Chassis Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging and Specification
  3. External Impressions
  4. Internal Impressions Part 1
  5. Internal Impressions Part 2
  6. Test Bench and Installation Experience
  7. Conclusion


The right-angled routing hole with cable tie clips just like the P280.


Since it’s the same body as P280- same generous space for routing the thickest of cables- especially the 24- pin motherboard power cable.


The cases use USB 3.0 header and the 1x USB 2.0 header. I am guessing that HD Audio cable will be as short as P280.


Antec’s 4 pin Molex hub powers up 4 fans via 3/4pin connectors. The plastic frame that clips on Antec’s fan controllers are bit different. The one of the left is made as if it holds a single frame with 2 controllers unlike the one in the right.

And that’s the case.


The 200mm fan comes with that mounting but with only a single controller. Why not just have a single plastic frame in that case?


The rear 120mm fan comes with a ridiculously short (12 cm) header. no extension- no pin to Molex adapter. It is not long enough to connect the motherboard’s 3/4 pin fan connector viz. usually either near Northbridge/PCIe slot side. So- you HAVE to route a 4 pin Molex connector all the way up just to power up the rear fan.

I am disappointed at this point as well:



The 2x 120mm front panel’s air filter is not installed on the body. Rather its installed on the front panel frame. So obviously there will be some space between the frame and the body (wasn’t that the point of having the filter on the body and not on the frame unless it’s a removable type like 500R?) On top of it, there are these opening to let the air in and they don’t have filters on it.


Towards the side of 5.25” bay on the sidepanel, you can see the routing holes for routing 120mm fans’ wires. Thanks to ample space that both P280 and Eleven Hundred has, the plastic connector of Molex will not be an obstacle when securing the right sidepanel after setting the system.

You can see the hinge support for P280’s fan filter on the right of the front panel. Rest is the same as P280, including the plastic casing for the front panel. You can mount 2x 120mm fans, but unlike P280 which had 2x 120mm fans on the top which could have been removed and installed here, you end up buying them.



The accessory box comes with 12 slides for 6x 3.5” HDD devices and the required screws and instruction manuals.

In all honesty, what Antec could do is at the very least provide a screw+ nut add-on as an alternate for plastic standoff for the case feet, but it’s more likely to see that being used by default rather than providing extras.

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  1. i think with the same case design, they can provide 240/280 rad mount on the top this case and this case will become a stunner. its even kinda weird why would they not have mount grips on the rubber grommets but P280 is way too minimalistic design for my taste and I really hate the front panel door. No $100 chassis comes with no mounting for rads since everyone makes then now so once they do that they need to have a white black combo color type on the case. that will be an excellent stunner….

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