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Antec Eleven Hundred PC Chassis Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging and Specification
  3. External Impressions
  4. Internal Impressions Part 1
  5. Internal Impressions Part 2
  6. Test Bench and Installation Experience
  7. Conclusion

It gives me great pleasure that companies such as Antec, Asus, Gigabyte, Noctua, Kingston, Western Digital and Coolermaster who give me hardware support by updating my test rig no strings attached. It’s because of these guys that I get to test only their hardware but also from others. Thumbs up to these guys!

I would like to thank

  • Gigabyte India for providing Gigabyte 890GPA UD3H Rev 1.0 motherboard
  • Asus India for providing Asus 990FX Sabertooth motherboard
  • Kingston Taiwan for providing hardware support with memory kits and SSD drive.
  • WD India for providing WD 300GB HLFS Velociraptor Hard Drive.
  • Coolermaster India for providing Coolermaster GX450 RS-450-ACAA-D3 Power Supply
Test Setup for: Antec Eleven Hundred
Motherboard+ Processor Gigabyte 890GPAUD3H Rev 1.0+ AMD 965BE+ Thermaltake Big Typhoon
Graphics Card Asus Direct CUII TOP GTX 660 2GB GDDR5
Memory Kingston KHX1600C9D3P1K28G HyperX Genesis 8GB 1600MHz DDRIII
Primary OS drive Kingston HyperX 3K 90GB SSD+ Kingston 90GB SSDNow V+ 200 SSD
Secondary Storage(s) 3x WD Green, WD 3000HLFS Velociraptor 300GB; WD 320GB BLUE 320AAJS; Hitachi dead drive
Power Supply Corsair TX750


The only part that you’re losing out on slides is that you won’t get to mount 2.5” SSD/HDD devices like how one can do on the P280. You can slide in a couple of SSD on the HDD bay but…

IMG_0699 IMG_0734 IMG_0703

You can see that the 2x SSD drives mounted on top of 6 stacks of HDD drives, it’s awfully close. The part of the SSD from the left sidepanel sticks out whereas from the right sidepanel you’ll need to reach in to connect the SATA power and SATA cables. It’s frustrating, especially if you end up in a situation where you use a SATA power connector on the middle of the cable when you install 2 SSD drives at the same time.

Also, I ended up taking out the drive, connecting the non-right-angled SATA cable and SATA Power to Molex cable if I use 2 SSDs at the same time. The SSD slots need more space between them and the first HDD slot. This wasn’t really an issue with P280 because the tray mount that you get with it has a 2.5” installation holes.

But when it comes to mechanical drives an irrespective of the thickness, there’s ample space between them.


Just like P280, installing the brass standoff is a bit difficult at first, which thankfully I have a standoff wrench to solve the problem. But for those who don’t?


Antec needs to be generous in wire/cable length. While it may not be a problem with motherboards with Audio header on the corner right section of the layout, it is going to be an issue with either mATX, ATX and also with sound cards. They also should an inch or 2 longer front panel header.

Remember Storm Trooper? You get an 8 pin EPS extension cable should your cable from the power supply cannot reach. That’s standard add-on that all cases should have if they come with a 9 slot E-ATX layout. I bumped in a scenario with P280 where the fitting of this cable is tight, but with Antec Eleven Hundred, I wasn’t able to do so.


Why did it happen over here and not with P280? Maybe because I routed the cable for Asus GTX 660 on this case and not on P280? Nah.

But I did stretch the cable as much as I can on P280, something I am not comfortable with- and something I am not comfortable when doing the same over here too. Extension cable the 4/8 pin ATX/EPS cable should come with larger than ATX cases.


On most count, it is not going to be an issue with the Fan connector hub.



Thanks to the extra space between the HDD/5.25” bar and the motherboard, there’s a lot of areas which aids in having cleaner cable management even if you’re trying to put a system up quickly, but I ended up routing the EPS cable from the left sidepanel section. If you have a card as long as 10:5” and your motherboard layout allows you to install a PCI x1 card below it, you could hardly make out if there’s a cable running through. It will be noticeable if I connect the front panel audio panel header in the same way- just like how I did in P280.

Longer wire leads and cables!!!


I am not sure why Antec doesn’t call these cases as E-ATX compatible. Few PC builders have already confirmed that they were able to easily fit Asus ROG motherboards with EATX form factor with no obstacles whatsoever. It makes more sense. The difference between putting ATX/m-ATX form factor boards is negligible- except you lose out on some PCI slots and the layout may be cramped if the manufacturer is putting a lot of things and the manufacturer didn’t plan the layout properly.

When I powered up and used the case for a while, the top mount fan makes an audible sound. It’s not annoying at first, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it increases as it gets older and older. I think it is because these are sleeve bearing. Sleeve bearing fans are best avoided for a horizontal mount.

It’s extremely annoying. Just how many 200mm non-sleeve bearing fans do you get in the market? Some may end up disconnecting it and AGAIN- since you can’t re-use it mount a 120/ 140mm fans on top, the top fan section is wasted.

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  1. i think with the same case design, they can provide 240/280 rad mount on the top this case and this case will become a stunner. its even kinda weird why would they not have mount grips on the rubber grommets but P280 is way too minimalistic design for my taste and I really hate the front panel door. No $100 chassis comes with no mounting for rads since everyone makes then now so once they do that they need to have a white black combo color type on the case. that will be an excellent stunner….

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